We are a swedish brand dedicated to sustainable, fair and playful kids interior design. We focus on small collections with high quality objects.
Our designs are all about graphic prints in bright, sparkling colors and we also add a touch of rock’n’roll.
We want our designs to bring some Wow! Yeah! and Cool! to the world of our tiny users.

Our concept is based on the three cornerstones, Fancy, Fair and Playful. These three words together constitute the core of the company:

  • Fancy is about design and picking the finest, long lasting materials for our products. We are proud to call our products a bit fancy.
  • Fair stands for caring about our environment and its inhabitants. We want our products to be produced carefully, making the smallest ecological footprints possible. This is done by chosing organic materials and sustainable processes, as well as through working with suppliers that care for their employees.
  • Playful needs no further introduction, but if we are to say something it is about having and sharing good fun and happines. Our products are organic and fair but for us it is equally important to bring out that big smile.

So please go ahead and have fun together with our products!

Detality Organics was started in 2015 by designer Sara Axblom who wanted to combine vivid designs with sustainability to create a new nisch of interior design for kids.