• Is about our customers being happy and satisfied with their purchase
  • Is to use long lasting and carefully produced materials for each product
  • Is to manufacture our products fairly, ethically and with care of the planet
  • Is to offer products that contributes to a healthy indoor environment

The cotton textiles are manufactured by the German company Cotonea, focused on organic and fair cotton production. Cotonea have their own partnering projects for organic cotton farming in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. Both in cultivation regions with a lot of rain, since cotton requires a lot of water to grow. Fair working conditions and wages are core values for the company.
The organic cotton is produced according to the IVN BEST guidelines. This means that all production steps (spinning, weaving, finishing and tailoring) follow the highest criteria för ecological and social responsibility.
The entire cotton production chain is performed by quality businesses in Europe. This toghther with high quality raw materials and a careful production results in durable products to be used and loved for a long time.

Printing of the spelt bags is done at Link 7 in Germany, using Ökotex certified fiber reactive dyes. This means that no azodes, formaldehydes or other dangerous substances are allowed in the dyes or printing processes.

Spelt husks
The organic spelt husks are produced by Naturfüllstoffe in Germany. The same company fills the sitting poufs.

Want to know more about materials or production? Send an e-mail to sara@detalityorganics.se